Team Members

The core team of Cygnus

Dhruv Gera

Project Leader, source maintainer, python guy, and Website developer (a.k.a the creator of this website)

Ojas Sinha

The multi-talented guy, lead developer, designer and source maintainer

Vaisakh Murali

That essential guy, knows what he is doing. Has a peculiar ability to convince everyone. Idea box and source maintainer.

Abhishek Singh

The customizations person, can do loads in short periods of time, lead developer and source maintainer

Shantunu Singh

The emergency backup, always there for us; source maintainer

Richie Flicker

Our logo and SVG designer


Our group and kinda everything manager, content writer, XDA template designer and general advisor.

Vishal C.J

Source maintainer, the crazy soul of our team, loves to meme around [Does more meme-ing than actual work]