Datapacket: The leading server providers

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Datapacket is a high-bandwidth, bare metal server providers. They provide high performance machines with almost 0 downtime, fast provisioning with flexible billing, connectivity monitoring and a responsive support trusted by the likes of Discord!

They provide configurable servers to cater to various needs whether it be for file sharing, media streaming or even computing! Their configurations range from Intel E-2236s and dual Silver 4210s to 64 core chips such as the AMD’s EPYC 7702P to do the heaviest of tasks.

Datapacket ensures zero packet loss, low latencies, and high speed bandwidth especially during peak workloads. They achieve this through real-time network monitoring, daily routing adjustments, and use the of multiple Tier 1 transit carriers coupled with 80+ private peerings.

We are really grateful to them for sponsoring us with servers to host our infrastucture.
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